Unlock New Revenue Streams

Instant Content Revolution

The instant messaging revolution is bringing about a change in content delivery, providing a fast, personalized, and interactive experience, replacing old and boring content with real-time engagement that creates new revenue opportunities, forever changing how we consume information.

Fully automated solution designed for publishers

Adaptiv is a fully automated solution designed for publishers to take advantage of the subscription economy. It streamlines subscription processes, freeing up time for publishers to focus on creating content.

The platform opens up new opportunities for revenue growth and reach expansion.

Adaptiv is the key to unlocking the full potential of the subscription economy for publishers.

Adaptiv helps publishers maximize revenue.

Adaptiv’s subscription service module helps publishers maximize revenue. It’s user-friendly and can be used without an internal IT team. The module automates the subscription process, freeing up time for publishers.
Adaptiv is the solution for maximizing revenue and establishing a new business model.

Education more accessible and affordable

Gone are the days of limited access to education due to cost barriers.

Adaptiv is helping publishers break down these barriers and make education more accessible and affordable for everyone.

This platform is designed to help institutions and educators reach a wider audience and provide students with the education they need to succeed.