Adaptiv is an All-in-One platform for Publishers

Conveniently deliver content to students and increase user engagement through instant messaging.

Say goodbye to coding headaches and hello to intuitive, user-friendly tools.

A cutting-edge module is a perfect solution for publishers and instructional designers looking to create captivating learning experiences through chat.


Unlock the full potential of education with Adaptiv!

Say goodbye to generic and boring learning experiences and hello to learner-centric, scalable, and engaging assistants.


Create custom pages that align with your brand’s visual identity

Adaptiv’s custom product page builder helps you create attractive, branded product pages in minutes.

Customize the layout, add your logo, and choose a color palette to give subscribers a unique experience.


Unlock the full potential of education with Adaptiv!

Adaptiv offers a turnkey solution for educational publishers to quickly set up and manage subscription services for their digital content.

We provide a user-friendly interface for publishers to create and customize their subscription plans, manage their customer base, and track revenue.